Perpetuum Mobile – try out 1. In its own juice.
Installation, 150 x 60 x 100 cm, 2011/2012                
Combined bicycle with double front rims, 26 Coke cans, porch boxes and buckets in plastic 20 liters of Coke
Artists in Oslo and Akershus, BOA, Oslo; Tromsø Artistunion, Tromsø, Norway, 2012


Perpetuum Mobile – try out 2. Ups and downs.
Installation 200 x 100 x 50 cm, 2011/2012 
Wood, plastic (containers and bottles) and water with  food coloring
Artists i Oslo and Akershus, BOA, Oslo. Tromsø Artistunion, Tromsø, Norway, 2012


Sculpture, 14 x 11 x 17 cm
Porcelain (object), plaster and wax with pigment

The Museum of Longing and Failure, Bergen, Norge, 2010


Bidirectional air and Crossing
Sculpture, 70 x 85 x 60 cm and 85 x 110 x 85 cm, 2012

Common cartubes are penetrated and closed up with bicycle tubes. The air goes from one to the other inside the one.

Galleri No Place, Gamelbyen, Oslo, Norway


Alm from the Quins garden

34 x 34 x 92 cm, Ørebro, 2009

Made of a part of a tree from the Queen’s garden, south east of the palace in Oslo. Is in need of water in order to keep upright and consequently is put into a bowl of water.



Installation, 250 x 140 x 200 cm Suldal, 2008

Made of local materials


eg tenkte hardt på noko (thinking hard on something)

Installation for video and air bed, Time: 00:87, 2007
still from video in loop installation

The public is invited to lie down on an airbed and put the head into the pedestal.Inside they will find amonitor over the head. The video shows hands putting on and taking off some stones in a loop(It’s me on the beach at the vest cost of Norway, taking of and putting on stones on my face).A longside the sound of the stone, there is sound of small sea waves.


Hanging out

Readymade sculpture, 160 x 105 x 120 cm, 2006

Plastic cloth hangers, iron hooks and 3m thin and strong nylon rope.
50 cloth hangers built together as a pyramid. The pyramid is hanging horizontally held to the wall with 13 iron hooks. The top point is held to the withstanding wall with a rope.


Reliable sources

Readymade sculpture consisting of a chair and two sup ladles, 2006

Wooden Chair 47 x 44 x 91cm, plastic ladles 20 X 70cm


Steps between two trees

Sculpture, 150 x 60 x 630cm, 2006
Made of wood and held together by iron screws.

A 6m high zigzag stair built up between two trees. The stair has 4 parts that stands above each other. Whenusing the steps your head will gore to the stair above you.


One Step Back

Ready-made Sculpture, site and time specific, 2004

I used plaster to fill up a worn out step in an old official building from 1870s in Oslo.


Landscape with blue ocean

Ready-made Sculpture, 2003